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hen ogledd by jakub rebelkaExpose 2

MARIA ALEXANDROVNA by the lost gallery on Flickr.


PETTICOAT Magazine September 1967

lingerie bandits
"A man is exactly as great as the flame that burns within him."

Otto von Bismarck (via hierarchical-aestheticism)

Fffff. Fuck the people that walk their dogs along the fence of my property (which, on my side of the street, is on the -road-,where there is no sidewalk). Was just out there with Goose when some lady was walking her dog right along my fence, encouraging her dog to sniff mine while Goose is going nuts, thinking (quite reasonably so, because he’s used to seeing dogs going by only on the sidewalk across the street) that he needs to protect the property.
Always a bad idea to let dogs meet not only through a fence, but when taken by surprise on their own turf.