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Edward S. Curtis - 1906

vintage lovely postcard (somewhere on pinterest)

fleshcircus said: is he good off leash? Usually pretty decent at that age where they’re still insecure, but I know he’s a moderately high drive dog too

Yeah, actually. I try to limit distractions for him when I do let him off-leash— other dogs, people, etc., and there have only been a couple of occasions where he ignored recall. I’ll only take him where there’s no road (and cars), as well as fewer people and dogs, and reward him every time. I figure if I keep it consistent and positive every time and satisfy his drive as best I can, he should be alright.

I’ll still never trust him with traffic, just because it only takes a split second of his distraction for him to bolt in front of a car, but from what I see of him now, he’d be great to go through woods and thick trails with.

Goose watching geese yesterday, before the snow.
Couldn’t resist.