[NSFW] Sam, of Toronto. . -------------------------- Focus on the beautiful, the disturbing and the sublime: human form, photography, classic art or art with a return to the classical style, myth, legend, religious icon, and fantasy, historical fashion, the macabre, animal life, and all that may lie outside or between. Guilty of unpopular opinion and the odd gif here or there. You have been warned._____________ _________________________ I'm a 'sometimes artist', when I'm not fighting myself. You'll see it every now and then.

Concept sketch.
Older sketch (Taken with instagram)
Portrait of a Feeling
And another.
One-layer doodle. Possible concept

the inability to differentiate between dreams and reality.
Busy day for me!
What might the world have done without this man?
Process post
(Sorry for the bad lighting/headphones in the way/etc.)